hello. If you are here you probably need us or have used us. we are a comedy troupe who dedicate ourselves to making your portable bathroom experience fun, fruitful, clean, pleasant, sanitary and relaxing.

You know how it goes, you are at a festival and you feel the call of nature. you have several choices. you can find a friendly restaurant, walk in like you are planning to eat there and use the bathroom, you can go wait in a line up somewhere and once you actually get to a toilet, it’s dirty, there’s no paper, etc or you visit the by-law required portable toilet. They usually are smelly and unpleasant. The paper would be better used on wood and worst of all, there is no comedy. Truly a tragic experience.

We change all that and more. themed potable toilets, cover cozies on the toilet seats, a variety of bathroom tissues to choose from, reading material for every age and taste. Music to enhance your toilet experience. Pleasant scents and pictures to make you feel right at home.

But it doesn’t end there. after completing your business you will whisked in comfort to a hand- washing station with a plethora of sanitary choices at your disposal.  You can brush your teeth, use a number of products for every discriminating need and/or taste. These include: diapers, zinc oxide, baby wipes, feminine products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, sunscreen, hand lotion and more. where ever possible we use green and hypo-allergenic products.

So come by and visit, tips are strongly encouraged but not required for participation.

ohh and ask about about our foot washing, conditioning and massage special. see you soon.

contact us at privypeople@gmail.com

Ut vos gotta vado , vos gotta vado

Welcome to the privy people web site

we make the worst festival experience, the best.

WE provide an exceptional experience to your festival guest

we make going to the toilet a clean and fun time.

we provide comfort and joy to all people

we are Committed to making everyone who needs to “go big or small” happy

we are committed to Making people laugh and find comfort one visit at a time